Collection: High Top Shoes

Hey Homies,

I don’t know about you, but for the past few years I’ve been waking up feeling like the world is getting darker and darker. The news, the natural disasters, the fighting, all of it is overwhelming and a bit depressing.

So I figured, in my small sphere of influence why not try to make the world just a little BRIGHTER & happier?

This is why PinkPill was born - to bring just a little bit more happiness into the lives of everyone that rocks our streetwear.

The world doesn’t need any more boring, black & white shoes made as our reality is already dark enough. I truly believe the world needs more PINK and therefore more happiness.

PinkPill is an ongoing art project so this site and products will change over time - but the goal of happiness through apparel will always be the same.

So join the VitaVerse over here at PinkPill and start doing your part to spread joy to the world today.

xVitamin B