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DUSTIES by Breathe Clean

DUSTIES by Breathe Clean

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Experience unparalleled comfort and style with THE DUSTIES, a revolutionary shoe designed for those who demand more from their footwear. Crafted with a lightweight mesh upper, these shoes offer peak breathability and comfort, ensuring your feet stay cool and fresh all day long. The advanced cushioning system delivers responsive support with every step, making them perfect for both athletic pursuits and urban adventures.

THE DUSTIES boast a sleek design and versatile colorway, effortlessly transitioning from the track to the streets. The flexible sole adapts to your movements, providing a natural feel that enhances your performance. Built to last, these shoes are constructed with durability in mind, ready to withstand the demands of your daily grind.

Product Details:

  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Responsive cushioning
  • Flexible sole design
  • Color Shown: White/Black

Inspired by Breathe Clean Air & Energy, a duct cleaning company based in Las Vegas, NV, and Lake Havasu, AZ, THE DUSTIES embody the spirit of clean air and energy. Founder Jason Powell started the company to help his daughter with her respiratory issues, and now, his mission extends to helping hundreds of families breathe easier. At Breathe Clean, shoes are an essential part of the job, as climbing ladders and maintaining indoor air quality require reliable footwear. This is why Jason partnered with PinkPill to launch THE DUSTIES, combining innovative design with a commitment to health and well-being.

Step into THE DUSTIES and elevate your everyday performance with a shoe that cares for your comfort and supports your active lifestyle.

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